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The Nature Explorer Program

Nature is all around us, but when you enter 4th Street Early Education Center, you enter an entirely new world that is hidden in the heart of East Los Angeles. This serene, beautiful, and natural environment does exist within LAUSD. A natural wood dollhouse, wood benches, and natural furniture provide the decor for our beautiful tranquil yard. Children are free to investigate, inquire, experiment, explore, and dig throughout our natural outdoor environment. Each interest area is defined to correlate with the learning. 4th Street Early Education has been certified for the past 5 Years through the Nature Explore Program.
What is Nature Explore?
Nature Explore transforms children’s lives through research-based outdoor classroom design services, educator workshops, and natural products.
The Nature Explore program supports your important efforts to connect children with nature by offering…
  • Creating nurturing, nature-based outdoor spaces
  • Inspiring ideas for enhancing children’s learning with nature
  • Field-tested components that support children’s interests and creativity
  • To inspire nature connections at home
  • Classrooms 
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